October 16, 2008

Window Ledge Shrine

Our house has these wonderfully wide window ledges which are at chest level, perfect space for Moose to sit and watch out the window-- or, perfect for a little window ledge shrine. I recently cleaned and redid mine; thought I'd share pictures.

This is the window ledge that is above my devotions altar in my craft room. From the left side you see a polished geode bookend (I believe its Botswana agate), a blue banded agate, white and rose quartz, a banded green onyx bowl full of polished stones, an amethyst cluster and a statue of the Dreaming Goddess of Malta.

Next is a white onyx bowl of soil from Iowa, a statue of the monkey god Hanuman, deer antler, green calcite, small piece of petrified wood in front of a river stone from Cape Fear river, abalone shell with sage smudge, Iowa geode behind an aqua aura cluster, clear quartz cluster, another agate geode and (cut off on the edge of the photo) a piece of flint.

The stones and crystals have been collected over the years. Some were gifts. The Iowa geode is half of a whole stone that was one of my very first, given to me by my uncle when I was young. It may very well be the rock that got me interested in collecting; I was fascinated by it and spent lots of time playing with the two halves (the other half is on another altar, in case you're wondering), fitting them together to make a perfect, round, dull grey rock and then opening them up to see the glittering magic inside.

The Dreaming Goddess of Malta is very symbolic for me. She not only represents dreams to me, but walking between the worlds and peaceful sleep, and hope. Not much is actually known about her, which makes her a wonderfully mysterious archetype. I was first introduced to Hanuman in college when I read Ramayana. He is a noble warrior and the most loyal and loving of friends.

I like having this small shrine here on the ledge because it seems to bring good energy into the room through the window. The early evening sun catches on the stones and crystals and adds a touch of magic each evening, too.


Livia Indica said...

Wow, what beautiful pieces you have! I'm especially jealous of the green onyx bowl, gorgeous! I don't think I'd heard of the dreaming goddess of Malta, I'll have to look her up.

Nydia said...

Everything is so beautiful, Turtle! It surely brings the best energy to th craft room, no wonde why your thing are so gorgeous. I love geodes, it's amazing what the Earth hides in its depth. This window is just great, how lucky to have this space to "play" with.

Kisses from Nydia.

Nydia said...

PS: Turtle, do you have an Etsy shop? Don't know why I thought you had, I'm with a doubt, I'm opening my crafts shop, and since there are any things at home with movies and rock bands images for decoupage, I was worried about copyright issues. Do you know anything about it?

mrsb said...


Turtleheart said...

LIVIA INDICA~ Thanks! You would love my other alter items then, too-- my chalice is also green banded onyx and so are my candle holders. They really called to me.

NYDIA~ It's silly, but the wide window ledges were one of positives on my mental list when we looked at buying our house! I love having them.

MRSB~ Thanks, glad you enjoyed!