October 30, 2008

Samhain Blessings

Usually for Samhain I will put together a special ancestor altar to remember my ancestors known and unknown and also family members who have died during my lifetime. But this year I just left my family altar as it usually looks:

I did, however, put up a special altar in remembrance of my sweet calico Claire, who died earlier this year. I printed some of my favorite pictures of her for the altar; the box contains her ashes and the little pink heart has her footprint. After I lit the candles and sat with the altar awhile, I realized I would give anything just to hold my baby girl on my lap again and smell her warm kitty smell. I cried for a little while, because I miss her company and her attitude so much. She was such a good friend to me.

Tomorrow, on Halloween night, when I put an apple out on our doorstep as food for the dead who are journeying to the Otherworld, I will also put out the last can of Claire's cat food in one of her little pink dishes, too, just in case her spirit passes by. If not, I know the neighborhood cats will enjoy it.

Spend a little time this Samhain remembering those you've lost... they live on in our memories-- even beloved pets. Blessed Samhain.


mrsb said...

So sorry for the loss of your kitty. I am so attached to one of my cats (I love them all, but one is extra special to me). I can't even fathom what it must feel like to loose your furry friend like that.

I love that you are putting food out for her. What a special touch. I'm sure with that much love in your heart, you kitty will indeed stop in for a visit.

Nydia said...

Beautiful words, Turtle. Your family altar looks lovely, and so does your Calico's. She was blessed with a wonderful "mother", and wherever she is now, her spirit is brighter because of this.

Blessed Samhain to you, my friend, have a peaceful night.

Kisses from Nydia.

Sacred Suzie said...

I am so sorry for your loss of your kitty as well. I'm sure she will make an appearance in some way tonight to let you know she is still with you.

I love the altar and wish I could do the same. I'm scrambling around already, so behind. Your altar looks so serene and beautiful. May you have a positive Samhain.

I've missed you too!

TalaMuir said...

yaaaaay!!! I found you again! Set up a new blog since my regular site has been on the fritz for a couple months. (This is Steph, btw)

So sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty. Much love

Happy Samhuinn!

Peaceole said...

What a great altar you have given thought to how to set up mine. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

I know about special kitties every once in a while I will see a special kitty of mine run by my feet and it makes me smile and I usually say hi Jack.

Thanks for the great posting

peppylady said...

I've never did a sanhaim altar maybe someday.

Happy samhain and very boo to you!!!

Turtleheart said...

MRSB~ Thanks, Mrs. B. She was often a cranky, attitudinal girl, but that was part of her charm and she had my heart from the first second that I saw her at the cat shelter.

NYDIA~ Firehand & I often said, Claire & I found each other because we needed each other.

SACRED SUZIE~ With her lovely calico colors, I often called her my Halloween kitty. I'm sure she's out and about during this season.

TALAMUIR~ HI! Long time no see! Looking forward to reconnecting.

PEACEOLE~ Glad the post inspired you. Thanks for visiting, hope you'll return.

PEPPYLADY~ Happy Samhain! With all the wonderful old family photos you've posted at your blog, I'll bet you could create a lovely ancestor altar some year.