October 20, 2008

Weekend In Pictures

I am the sanding bandit! We did some sanding of the walls downstairs to smooth plaster from mudding. What a mess! Plaster dust everywhere! We were coated white-- if you look close, you can see it in my hair, on my face and shirt. I had to use a bandana for a face mask to keep from breathing in all the dust. We went outside afterwards and dusted each other off before we went into the main part of the house. I'll be so happy when this step of the work is done.

Had Firehand do some "modeling" of my rune pendant necklaces. I'm taking pictures for my etsy store. I've been trying to work up the courage to open an etsy store for--- oh, ages now. Nydia has recently become my cheerleader on this subject! Thanks, girlfriend!

Have been making sure the feeder is full for the birds. Here's a cute little finch who stopped by for dinner. Look how plump and colorful he is! I love finches.

Not pictured: We rented a few movies this weekend. Sweeny Todd (dark, gruesome and a musical, I've been wanting to see it for ages), Grace Has Gone (wonderful and sad film about a man who loses his wife in the Iraq war and is unable to figure out how to tell his young daughters), and The Golden Compass (intriguing fantasy with lots of moral/ethical questions). Firehand also watched Beowulf.

The Golden Compass was sort of filmed in a way that was confusing if you were not familiar with the story. The book is almost always better than the movie, so when we were at the bookstore this weekend, we got the GC trilogy to read. Looking forward to it.


Livia Indica said...

That's a neat necklace. I've been considering opening an Etsy store too. But I need to up the creative juices before I'll even have enough to offer. And even then I may chicken out.

Nydia said...

When I remember how really messy your house was when everyting happened! Now it's a matter of time & patience... and hard work! You look great as a bandit! hehehe

Oh, you know this Etsy is a must-do! That necklace is awesome, Turtle! Can't wait to see more of it!

Loved also your cute birds, I do wanted to have something like this here, but there are so many doves around they wouldn't give other birds a chance!

Sacred Suzie said...

Great photo of the necklace which is also very cool! The sanding bandit, I like that. I love finches. They were all around us on the mountain in BC, what colourful creatures.

Turtleheart said...

LIVIA INDICA~ My creative juices have been flowing and I think I've got enough items to offer... it's the chickening out I'm having trouble with. But I gotta give it a try.

NYDIA~ The house is still messy, just a different kind of mess, LOL! Thanks for cheering me on with Etsy-- they should pay you for promotion!

SACRED SUZIE~ Thanks! I look to you as the voice of experience when it comes to photography and jewelry making, you've done such wonderful work yourself.

Livia Indica said...

Tag, you're it! See my blog.