October 6, 2008

Tarot for 2008~ 10th Moon

Last Monday (9/29) was the new moon, and my card for this moon cycle is the 6 of Cups.

Keywords and phrases from TP&S: good old days, old friends, innocence, family visit, renewing old ties, emotional renewal. This card advises that it is important to recover and deal with old memories.

Tarot: Your Everyday Guide notes that this card encourages creative and artistic activities and lifestyles, re-experiencing the pleasures of childhood, and setting emotional riches and quality of life as a main priority in your life.

Six of Cups also is concerned with those things from childhood or the past that have negative influence on our lives today, clinging to idealizations from younger years, and being trapped and obsessed with memories and emotions caused by childhood victimization. This card advises, "... when our hearts or minds are in the past, our energy is also in the past. This loss of vitality prevents us from living in our bodies and grasping the pleasures of the moment." Therefore, 6 of Cups says to put away the past and focus on creating a beautiful and fulfilling life in the present.


peppylady said...

I don't know or recall picking the six of cups.
I haven't done a reading for a while any how mind will be posted on the 7th tomorrow.
So how does the six of cups play in your life? I hope I'm not to personally.

Coffee is on.

Sacred Suzie said...

As long as I know where to find you my friend! Thanks for the heads up, I have updated Google Reader.

Turtleheart said...

PEPPYLADY~ This card really fits with what I'm trying to change in my life right now. I tend to give too much energy to the past and I'm working very hard at living in and enjoying my present life. Thanks for asking.

SACRED SUZIE~ Thanks for tagging along on my move!