October 14, 2008

SPC~ Mirrors Week #3

This month's Self-Portrait Challenge made me realize that we only have two mirrors in our house-- one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom:

So here's me, straight from the shower and squeaky clean.

Steam on the bathroom mirror after my shower is a rare thing. I'm not like Firehand, who loves hot, hot showers and then sits in the steamy bathroom afterward for as long as he can. He adores saunas and hot tubs, too.

But not me. Hot, humid air is my idea of one of the outer rings of hell. I gasp like a fish out of water. I feel positively stifled. I like warm showers and then as soon as I'm toweled off, I have to fling open the bathroom door and let all the hot air out. I love the blast of cool air when I open the door, it energizes me. Then I'm ready for the day.

For more mirror photos, visit this week's Self-Portrait Challenge.


Nydia said...

Loved it! Lucas loves going to my lap after his shower only to write his name with his finger on the mirror!

Oh, I love a good hot shower, I could stay there forever!! But being in Rio this is only possible when th weather is cold, otherwise, it's unbearable!

Kisses from Nydia.

Turtleheart said...

Lucas has the right idea! I think its fun to write on the steamy mirror too!

What temperature is considered cold weather in Rio? I expect it's still pretty warm?

Rachel said...

Very nice. Personally, I like dry heat but a nice steamy shower is good sometimes.

Nydia said...

HI, only today I saw your question! :P
rio is a very warm city (I'm afraid of the coming Summer, it's going to be HOT), and for us 18°C/20°C is already cold. In the begining of Spring last month we had down to 13°C! Too cold for our standards!!
My mother lives in Petropolis, a small city in the mountain, t'is even colder. If here is 18°C, there is 10°C... brrrr... I lived almost 25 years and never got used to the cold mornings and nights.
Is it bearable for your standards? I guess so, right?