December 18, 2008

Whirlwind IowaTrip, part 1~ Traveling

Our trip back to Iowa to visit family for the holidays was a real whirlwind this year-- I think this one was the shortest and fastest trip we've ever done. Want to come along on the journey?


We left Friday night, almost as soon as Firehand got home from work. We had everything packed up the night before and just had to do a few last minute things and get our suitcases into the car and go. Sorry Howling Hill, the cranberry bread went with us...

Here we are, somewhere on the interstate between Sterling, CO & North Platte, NE. It's a mighty long drive, so I was entertaining myself by taking night photos of the lights as we drove.

Late night stop for gas. We were getting pretty tired by this point, but decided to drive a bit further. We finally stopped in Kearney, NE around 1 AM to get some sleep.


On the road again the next morning... we stopped briefly at a truck stop outside Lincoln, NE to get something to drink and saw these old-fashioned gas pumps there.

Woo-hoo! Welcome to Iowa! Crossing the state line and the bridge over the Missouri River.

We stopped at the Iowa welcome center to use their wireless internet. We had to retrieve Firehand's cousin's new address from e-mail so that we could find her new house, which was where one of the family gatherings was being held this year. Still a couple more hours of driving until we get there, though.

Next up... family, family, family!

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