December 9, 2008

Bah Humbug This Year

Maybe. Maybe not.

We've been slow on acquiring the holiday spirit here at our house. For one, it's hard to think it's winter when the temps have been in the 50's. We have had snow a couple of times, but its melted within a day or two.

The only holiday decorating I've done so far is to put out the Yule wreath by the front door along with some silk poinsettias and our "Season's Greetings" sign. With having our upstairs so crowded with stuff from the downstairs, we have no room to put up our tree, even the smaller one. Not to mention, we can't reach the trees or ornaments because they are packed away downstairs while we've been rebuilding/refinishing the basement level. And it just seems like the house upstairs will feel even more cluttered if I put out holiday decorations. So I've been holding off.

But it would be nice to put a little bit of something Yule-ish out. I've been thinking maybe just the lighted garlands and giant pinecones and candles. Something really simple, from the box of stuff I *can* reach. Hmmm. Maybe. I'm thinking about it.


mrsb said...

I was having trouble getting into the spirit this year. Then Mr. B. and I went out and got everyone crazy Santa hats. We wore them all day. It's impossible to not feel happy and Yulemas-y when wearing a giant red and white striped Santa hat, lol!

Sacred Suzie said...

You can do it! We can both pull ourselves out of the holiday funk and feel better about it. I'm trying at least. I bought some wild sunflower seeds, have peanut butter and twine...ready to make more food for the birds. Oh and got a ladder! Now we can hang lights on Twinkle.

You can do it Turtleheart. We can work through the grumpies and find some holiday joy. I hope you string that popcorn and cranberries together with a smile on your face.

Turtleheart said...

MRSB~ I would've loved to have seen you & your family in your hats! I have a burgundy velvet with leopard print Santa hat somewhere, always fun to wear.

SACRED SUZIE~ It's really more of a matter of not wanting to deal with the extra clutter in our already crowded space... but I am starting to crave a little "holiday sparkle" around the house...