July 11, 2008

Tarot and More Tarot

I met with Amaset on Wednesday to work on the tarot workshops we will be giving at festival this year. We are doing the Chakra Mapping Using Tarot workshop we did last year, which went very well, and now we are planning a follow up class called Tarot & Chakra Healing.

Our meeting was very productive. We made some updates to some of our chakra mapping handouts and determined which handouts and how many we needed for the workshop. We also inventoried our other supplies for the workshop and made a list of what else we needed to get before festival. Then we turned our attention to developing our new class.

After running through some ideas that weren’t quite what we wanted, we began to build on what we liked from those ideas, and suddenly the class started to come together nicely. We created a chakra healing tarot spread that we’re very pleased with. We wondered if perhaps we were using too many cards in the spread, but when Amaset counted up the cards in our layout and found it came to the number 13, we dubbed it perfect! We’ll use the chakra spread two different ways for healing exercises. Now we just need to round out these activities and complete handouts and we’ll be all set. I’m very excited.

We also discussed Amaset’s class on using the tarot for ritual and altar building that she’ll be presenting at festival. I’ve offered to help her with this one in any way I can, I just love the whole concept. We talked about different ways tarot cards can be used to create altars and I conceived a couple of ideas for an esbat altar and an elemental altar, which Amaset invited me to set up and share for the workshop. So I’m very excited about this workshop too, and want to get out my different decks and play around with them just to see what else I can come up with.

Then last night was my tarot practice group. Amaset presented some material for yet *another* workshop she’ll be doing for festival (she’s doing 4 in all). This one is called Introductions at Court and it’s a series of meditations she has written on the court cards for each suit in the minor arcana. Let me tell you, these meditations are wonderful, absolutely wonderful. She has really captured the essence of the court personalities and the meditations are so rich and vivid with beautiful, descriptive language. Really well done.

Working with the tarot has been a real treat for me this week.

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