July 15, 2008

SPC~ Skills #2

Ever since I learned about rubber stamping, I have enjoyed making cards; it’s one of my skills.

One of my favorite looks for cards is to stamp a detailed image with black ink and then color it in using colored pencils. I like playing around with layers of color and I really get into my work. I get caught up in the zen of coloring and my mind drifts peacefully.

Also, the more into my work I am, the closer my nose gets to what I’m working on. See my tangle of hair hanging down on the left side of this picture? My hair is only chin-length, but as you can see, it’s touching the desk, which means my nose isn’t too far behind. So I’m definitely into my work here.

Wanna see how my cards turned out? Check them out at the newly relocated Turtleheart Crafts!

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