January 9, 2009

Feline Friday: All Grown Up

A miracle has occurred!

You may recall that our Moose-man had some neuroses regarding food and eating habits, so he had his special dish. But no more!

He's all grown up with a real bowl and able to free range feed whenever he wants. Here he is, enjoying his meal at the "cat food station" that my dad made in his wood shop especially for our cats years and years ago, and until now, we've never been able to use.

We do still give him a specific measure for the day, and he's still on his special high fiber food, but he's able to pace himself now and make it last for 24 hours and not gobble it all in one feeding! This is incredible progress, people!

We are so proud of him. It only took about 8 years.


No name said...

Yea Moose!

He looks so soft and fluffy. I totally want to snuggle him.

AutumnZ said...

That is quite the rotten kitty. He does own you.

peppylady said...

Sometime kitties can be to much of free spirit.

Coffee is on.

Turtleheart said...

NO NAME? HH is that you? He is totally soft & fuzzy, especially this time of year.

AZ~ I know, I know... I'm whipped.

PEPPY~ Don't know if he's too much of a free spirit, but he's a demanding one.