August 1, 2008

A Dry Lughnasadh

Sweet, sweet, sweet,
Is the wind’s song,
Astir in the rippled wheat
All day long.

~ Ellen M. H. Cortissoz (1833-1933)

Blessings of the First Harvest to you!

The dog days of summer are here in the Denver area for real. The temperatures have been in the mid-to-upper nineties for the past three weeks straight, and today and tomorrow’s highs are predicted to be over 100*F. All the juicy, lush vegetation of May is withering in the merciless heat, even regular watering can’t keep the lawn green or the ground in my garden from becoming hard and cracked.

The dry conditions put me in mind of the theme of sacrifice at Lughnasadh; the willing sacrifice of the Corn King, of John Barleycorn and other deity archetypes who give their life energy to the grain in the fields, so that the seeds will germinate when they are planted the next spring. What might you willingly sacrifice this Lughnasadh, so that you may bloom again in the spring?

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