September 22, 2008

Mabon Celebration

I (and the majority of the Spoons) celebrated Mabon on Friday evening by assisting Amaset at her first Earth Temple ritual. She has been planning the ritual for months and it was very well done! Amaset works primarily with the Egyptian pantheon, so the ritual focused on Ma’at and her scales of balance. This was my first time attending an Egyptian-based rite, so it was very interesting.

The altar was lovely, all black and gold, with statues of Anubis and Ma’at, a set of amber glass scales and various other ritual items with an Egyptian theme. I wish I had a picture of it to share, but I don’t think a photo would do it justice.

I helped smudge people as they entered sacred space and then helped pass apples out to everyone in circle. We used the apples to cast circle, a very cool idea, I thought. I also called south for the circle casting, not the quarter I usually choose, so that felt a bit different. Anubis and Ma’at were invoked, Amaset talked about the autumn equinox, Ma’at and her relationship to balance and then we did a meditation where we met Ma’at. After the meditation we used information from it to determine what we wanted to attract or banish in our life right now and prepared the appropriate colored candles for burning on the actual equinox. We raised energy and then had cakes and ale (pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and homemade grape juice!) and opened circle.

It was a lovely ritual and well done; I think it was well received by the community. Amaset was given some real positive feedback and at least a couple people were interested in contacting her about more Egyptian ritual in the future.

My candle from the ritual is on my altar and I plan on burning it this evening, along with some sort of simple ritual.

May your life be filled with balance on this fall equinox!

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